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Transport And Logistics

In a world with conflicts, economic crisis, terrorism and instability, the strategic and operational safety & risks related to transport and logistics are even more pronounced


In an unstable market and in high risk areas the probability of criminal acts during transport is heightened. Moving products from one location to another is often only an issue in risk areas, but the transporting industry continues to face specific business risks due to the increasing globalization. The industry are faced with the risks of huge losses in profit and customer satisfaction, however, VisionSafetsy  experience and knowledge can help you to protect and safeguard your transports and teach you how to eliminate risks towards your logistic setup.


Typical transport and logistics risks include…

  • HSErelated incidents and accidents
  • Carrier delays and non-performance
  • Hijacking and theft
  • Lack of security procedures
  • Liability for loss or delays
  • Lack of inventory
  • New security and safety legislation affecting Transport & logistics

Vision Safety identifies the risks connected with our clients transport and logistics, providing knowledge and expertise on how to assess risks and offers methods and guidance on how to respond to the different types of risks.

Vision Safety has extensive experience providing logistics risk and Safety management advice and operational assistance to production, shipping and transport companies. Our Risk Management in logistics identifies threats toward our clients supply chain and assists them to implement contingency plans to minimize any disruption. Our services include:

  • Supply chain mapping
  • Risk evaluation and threat and safety assessments
  • Crisis management
  • Risk mapping and assessment


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