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Risk Assessment Training


What is a Risk Assessment and how to complete one?

A risk assessment is a systematic examination of a task, job or process that you carry out at work for the purpose of;

  • Identifying the significant hazards that are present (a hazard is something that has the potential to cause someone harm or ill health).

  • Deciding if what you have already done reduces the risk of someone being harmed to an acceptable level, and if not;

  • Deciding what further control measures you must take to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

    Risk Assessments should be carried out to ensure the Health & Safety of employees

    Who should do risk assessments?

    Risk assessments should always be carried out by a person who is experienced and competent to do so, competence can be expressed as a combination of Knowledge, Awareness, training, and experience. If necessary consult a more experienced member of staff or external professional help to assist with the risk assessment.

    Remember competence does not mean you have to know everything about everything, competence also means knowing when you know enough or when you should call in further expert help.

Vision Safety, provide class room training on practical Risk Assessment

Duration -  1 day

Class room size 10 -12

At the completeion of the course delegates will be able to effectively complete Risk assessments in a variety of formats and understand, what other supporting documentation may be required, such as  a PTW, Work Method Statements, Tool Box Talk

Confined Space Entry Training

Vision Safety offer 1 day confined Space Entry training. This training is both theory and Practical, which inludes the use of Breathing Apperatus and other SCBA equipment as well as rescuse techiques.

Fire Safety Training

It is essential under government legislation that every company has adequately trained Fire Wardens on duty. We will train your staff to CIEH Standards.Training your employees not only fulfils your legal and moral responsibilities but is financially desirable. Many businesses that have a fire never recover the loss of contracts and goodwill and go out of business.


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Safety Performance Coaching for leaders

Safety  Performance Coaching leads to higher levels of individual and organizational performance, a greater ability to adapt to complexity, and a broadening of perspective that generates solutions to challenges that were previously unseen. This coaching supports leaders to shift from their current way of operating to a state of flow in their communications and capacities to inspire and lead. Drawing from a method of leadership coaching that helps overcome mental obstacles, improves concentration and reduces anxiety,we guide managers and supervisors to see how new ways of thinking, being and doing can lead to improved ways of accomplishing their team’s goals. This is training to increase performance across the board—and we share these techniques with all levels of employees and managers throughout our consulting engagements.


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High Performance Teams

The globalization of today’s world has created new, evolving challenges. These challenges are more complex than ever, making it imperative that organizations and projects operate at the top of their game.  New, evolving problems often cannot be solved using old ways of doing things.  In order to achieve new results, a “transformation” in being, thinking and doing is necessary. Our High Performance offering causes this sort of transformation, so that people and organizations can see and experience new ways of operating to achieve extraordinary and sustainable results.  


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