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In 2013/14 manufacturing accounted for around 10% of both the British workforce, and of fatalities. However, nearly one in five (18%) reported non-fatal injuries to employees were in manufacturing. There have been reductions in injury and ill health rates over the past decade. More recently, however, rates seem to be flattening out.

The latest results (2013/14) in manufacturing show:

  • there were 14 fatal injuries to workers compared to an average of 26 in the previous five years – less than a quarter (23%) of the number 20 years ago (RIDDOR);
  • there were 13 595 reported non-fatal injuries to employees and an estimated 74,000 cases of all self-reported injuries. (RIDDOR and LFS);
  • about 14% of reported major/specified injuries and 11% of over-seven-day injuries involved contact with moving machinery (RIDDOR);
  • food manufacture had the highest number of major/specified injuries, with a rate of reported injury more than twice that of manufacturing as a whole (RIDDOR);
  • about two thousand occupational cancer deaths each year resulted from past exposures in the manufacturing sector (Cancer Burden Study, 2010);
  • an estimated 3.7 million working days were lost, 2.6 million due to ill health and 1.1 million due to injury, making a total of 1.4 days lost per worker (LFS).

Numbers of fatal injuries to employees (RIDDOR) 1974 to 2013/14

Numbers of fatal injuries to employees (RIDDOR) 1974 to 2013/14p

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