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Permit To Work (PTW)

Vision Safety have extensive experience in the delivery of Permit To Work Systems across a variety of industries. We can also offer training in the use of PTW systems and carry out detailed reviews, assessments and audits of existing PTW systems.

The purpose a  Permit to Work (PTW) system control high-risk activities. The typical site handles a large diversity of work, so the potential for serious incidents is high. To prevent such events, it is vital that there are safe systems of work detailed and agreed within a Method Statement and a JSA. For defined high-risk activities the additional control of a Permit to Work will be required.

The Permit to Work process is based on a defined set of key control measures specific to the activity, and verifying these are in place prior to the work is allowed to commence.

Permit to Work (PTW) procedures must be implemented to ensure that regularly encountered high risk works are effectively controlled on a day-to-day basis. PTW are required for the following high-risk activities as an example:

  1. Excavations

  2. Demolition

  3. Confined Space Entry

  4. High Voltage Equipment

  5. Hot Works

  6. Permit to Access

  7. Work in an Occupied Building

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