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Our Top Tips

You would be surprised how many  companies have felt like the health and safety aspect of their business management is dragging them down. Whilst directors and managers strive to keep their everyday business running smoothly, sometimes the health and safety stuffs just goes to the bottom of the pile!

If you think health and safety is becoming a burden here are our top 5 tips for keeping on top of it all:

  1. Put health and safety at the top of your agenda at team meetings. Start EVERY meeting with a short Safety Moment.

  2. Make communicating health and safety easy by putting up a dedicated notice board(s) in a well-used area. Change the content frequently and make it interesting.

  3. Invest in training so your employees have the right skill set to take an active part in health and safety.

  4. Keep your paper work straightforward. Policies should be of good quality but they don’t have to be long documents. A safety Policy Statement should be 1 page and signed by the most senior person within the company.

  5. The HSE advise that risk assessments should concentrate on the significant hazards within the workplace. Using bullets points will help keep the content of your risk assessment to the point.

  6. Dont refer to Safety as a priority. Priorities change. Safety should be a core value and a foundation of your company 

  7. Lead by Example....Be visible and vocal about the value of safety within your orginisation

  8. Review your polivcies, procedures and safety documentation to ensure its reflects your operations, best practice and legal requirements. Audit yourselves, or enage a 3rd party to conduct an audit and review.  The best orginisations, get external support (Cold Eyes) to provide a freshen up their safety commitment.

  9. Measure your performance, not just the bad stuff (lagging indicators) but the good stuff (leading indicators) celobratehour successes and work together to address short coming and other areas of improvement: "What gets measured, gets done"

  10. Communicate safety responsibilities at every level within your orginisational structure. Ask, how the issues and challenges at the work front, can get heard in the board room...?

If health and safety is becoming your business headache it is definitely time for a rethink. By making a few simple changes you could make life a whole lot better. This means that you will have more time to get on with your day job. Everyone should play their part within your organisation so that one person is not left “holding the baby”.

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